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The JSCEP System

by Matt Jordan on April 19, 2020 Comments Off on The JSCEP System
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Get lifetime access to the full JSCEP program. We provide a University Graduate Level education experience on the science and practice of sport performance training provided in an accessible format and with a practitioner’s lens. Our courses are frequently updated with new information.

Whether you are a strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, sports medicine professional or performance practitioner, the JSCEP program will give you the knowledge and tools you need to advance your skillset.

We cover the science of muscle strength and power, how to build the baseline profile, how to employ dual force plate systems to evaluate mechanical muscle function including between-limb force-time asymmetry testing, and all the ins and outs of programming and periodization of training for sport performance.

Program design and periodization covers everything from training for maximal muscle power and eccentric rate of force development, right up to energy systems training.

Additionally, we have a full course dedicated to thinking like a scientist and an introduction to programming in the R language so that you can become a self-sufficient sport science practitioner.

Finally, as sport injuries are a part of the “game” we tie all topics back to return to health, return to sport and return to performance training.

Learn to determine what matters, measure what matters and change what matters.

Matt JordanThe JSCEP System