Education Systems for Strength Coaches, Fitness Coaches, and Sport Practitioners

Individualized and Personalized Coach Education Programs

With 20 years of experience in high performance sport working with some of the World's best athletes, I can teach you how to blend the art and science of training. I believe in providing all my clients with a highly personalized and evidence based educational experience. You will interact directly with me as you progress through my coach education system.

Online Courses and Education

I provide a complete coach education pathway on the scientific basis of training, assessment and evaluation, program design and planning. I provide online education materials along with one-on-one mentorship.

Live Education Events and Webinars

I bring a high quality education experience directly to your home or office. I offer ongoing Webinars on topics such as advanced methods for hypertrophy development, advanced methods for developing maximal and explosive strength, training for ACL injury prevention, return to sport neuromuscular assessment, data analysis and performance modelling along with many more topics.You can register for a webinar or get access to the content after the live event airs. Cut down on travel expenses and book me for a live educational event for you or your staff. I will work with you to tailor the event to fit your needs.

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