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Elite Athlete Program Design

Since 1998, Matt Jordan has been training some of the World's best athletes from many sports. His client list includes Olympic medallists and professional athletes. Whether you are an elite runner, cross country skier, football player or hockey player, the Jordan Strength system to athlete development has proven results. This program begins with a detailed assessment include structural balance testing, body composition analysis and performance testing. An individualized program is then developed and progressed on a monthly basis. Programs are based on the needs of the client but include many functional training modalities such as Olympic Lifts (weightlifitng), free weights, movement skill training, whole-body vibration, and other unique training methods. Personal coaching sessions are also available.

Combative Sport and MMA Training Program

Combative sports and Mixed Martial Arts are gaining significant popularity and recognition amongst serious athletes. Despite the popularity of these sports, the training methods used by some are archaic and ineffective. Rather than basing the training program on a detailed assessment and performance analysis, many are subscribing to programs that will lead to overtraining and injury. While anyone can design a tough program that makes you sweat, few can design a properly periodized plan that will ensure peak physiological conditioning at the right time. Matt has many years of experience consulting with combative athletes and many of his athletes have gone onto impressive performances. Athletes can choose from a general training program or a specialized lead-in program in preparation for a big fight. The program includes nutritional consult, energy systems development, strength and power development, monitoring, and integration of the training program into the specific training done in the dojo or cage.

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