Performance Consultation for Teams and Sport Organizations

20+ Years of High Performance Sport Experience, Organizational Leadership and Performance Solutions

In today's competitive world of elite sport, we help sports organizations find performance solutions. We are skilled in performance audits, athlete assessment and monitoring, data analysis and modelling, and helping build high performance inter-discplinary teams that achieve cohesion and results. We can help you with existing problems such as high injury rates or help you find unknown areas for performance improvement.

Bridging the Gap Between Sport Performance and Sport Medicine, with Science

We will work closely with your performance team to understand your team's needs. We will bring evidence based solutions and help you identify metrics and key performance indicators. Whether you need ongoing help with your organization or an end of season review, we can help your team maximize results.

Athlete Resilience and Injury Prevention

We create organizational structures to reduce injuries and improve outcomes for athletes as they return from injury. We can help your staff determine underlying factors contributing to injuries and help generate performance solutions. Athlete health and safety are closely linked to performance. Let us show you how to use athlete monitoring technology to generate real results for your team.

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