Course 2: Program Design and Periodization


Get lifetime access to the full JSCEP program. We provide a University Graduate Level education experience on the science and practice of sport performance training provided in an accessible format and with a practitioner’s lens. Our courses are frequently updated with new information. This is the most comprehensive sport performance training program available. Learn valuable skills that will set you apart from the rest.

This high-demand course focuses on program design for sport performance and return to sport after sport injury. Learn how to use the Main Adaptation Cycle periodization framework to organize and plan your training. You will get case studies to solidify learning objectives, lots of video and written content and direct contact with Dr. Matt Jordan. This pulls together the concepts taught in Course 1 and teaches you how to apply it to enhance sport performance, no matter what sport you work in.

This course covers advanced concepts but is well-suited for performance coaches, sport scientists and sport medicine professionals who want to increase their knowledge on science-based training systems.


  • Lifetime access to this course + take advantage of free course updates
  • Build off concepts in Course 1 and learn how to design programs for sport performance
  • Learn how to program for maximal strength, maximal power, RFD, eccentric strength and energy systems
  • Learn how to plan and periodize for return to sport after injury
  • Learn about the Main Adaptation Cycle – a flexible periodization framework to plan and organize training
  • Learn the ins and outs of exercise prescription and progression


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