Testimonials, direct from our advocates

Clara Hughes, Six Time Olympic Medalist

I just wanted to thank Matt for his extraordinary care and attention regarding my change in health and appearance. As a retired athlete I quickly fell out of shape and years later realized my body was far from the body I had as a young man. I was out of shape having trouble with even a simple jog. I was also overweight and it showed. Upon working with Matt, my life changed dramatically. I went from 20% body fat to 11% in four month, then to 7% six months later. In those first six months I lost 45 lbs. Matt's training program keeps me motivated and his keen sense of health and knowledge of nutrition has really assisted in my transformation. His healthy and straight forward approach is impressive and will work for anyone seeking to improve their body and mind. Thanks Matt!


I just wanted to thank Matt Jordan for his exceptional assistance with my strength/conditioning and nutrition. When I started with Matt, I was 168 lbs and 16.8% bodyfat. With the simultaneous goals of dropping a weight class and maximizing my strength, I was able to drop 8 pounds in six weeks, while lowering my bodyfat to just under 10%. During that time, all my lifts increased, and Matt helped me address structural weaknesses and eliminate them. I highly recommend any athlete looking to prepare themselves correctly for their sport of choice to get a hold of Matt. Thanks again!

Chad Hamzeh, Mixed Martial Artist

I started working with Matt two years before the Torino Olympics and noticed a steady progression in my strength and most importantly a change in the power in my skate skiing. The hours in the weight room were challenging and Matt ensured that the workouts pushed me to the next level as an athlete.

Sara Renner, Silver Medalist Cross Country Skiing

Matt has really helped me to develop and maximize my potential as a speed skater through innovative, personalized and effective strength and power programs. His focus is on performance and results on the ice so the exercises are always specific to speed skating. I have improved dramatically in transferring my strength and power to the ice and that has shown in my results. He is always up on current research, not just with strength training, but with nutrition and physiology as well. He is also a really great guy, fun to be around and very motivating. He knows when to push me and when to be smart. His expertise, skill, keen eye for technique and friendly demeanor make him one of the best strength trainers around.

Kristina Groves, Silver Medalist Women’s 3000m/Silver Medalist Women’s Team Pursuit

I began working with Matt Jordan when I was at the highest level in the sport of cycling. I was new to speed skating and did not like to lift weights. Matt taught me that I had so much more to learn; so many ways to improve on both my strength and power, and also my mental approach to training. He has shown me over the past six years what it means to be truly professional as an athlete. By working with Matt, my performance has improved not only in the weight room, but also on the ice, where it really counts. Thanks Matt!!!!!!

Clara Hughes, 5 time Olympic Medalist (Cycling & speed skating, Olympic Champion)