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Evidence Based Approach to Injury/Re-Injury Prevention

I have more than 15 years helping athletes return to full performance after injury. I am also an active researcher in the area of injury prevention and return to sport assessments after injury with peer reviewed publications on my approach. My expertise lies in blending evidence based assessments with high performance training methodology to help clients get back to full performance after injury.

Live Education Events and Webinars

Save on travel costs and book me for a live online educational event. I will work with you to tailor the course to meet your needs. Book me for your next meeting, conference or seminar. I will blend research and practice into a fun, entertaining and knowledge rich session.

Neuromuscular Assessments

My research addresses the gap between injury and return to full performance. Based on published scientific research, I can show you how to improve your ability to detect specific and trainable deficits in your clients coming back from injury. Learn how to implement functional asymmetry assessments in the daily training environment, integrate EMG measurements into your assessments, and use high performance training methodology to maximize your client's recovery after injury.

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