Athlete Intake and Neuromuscular Assessment Opex Group Rate


You Get: 20+ Hours of Online Video Webinars, Written Content, In-Person Mentorship with Dr. Matt Jordan, Access to the Latest Research

Learn How To: Conduct Movement Assessments, Integrate MSK Assessments, Use Dual Force Plate Methodology, Perform Force Asymmetry Testing, Interpret Force Velocity Profiles

AND you will receive The Strength and Power Testing Course for Free (Bonus Offer to the First 10 Registrants)



This is my most comprehensive online coach education course to date. Gain knowledge in neuromuscular/strength and power testing, movement competency assessments and my full protocol for athlete intake.

Purchase your course now and receive all the content from the first course in my online program – The Science of Muscle Strength and Power – for free (limited time offer, and available only to the first 10 registrants).

I will provide you with in-person mentorship as you progress through the course material.

Put science into practice and elevate your game.

Course #1: The Science of Strength (Free Bonus Offer)

  • The force velocity relationship and muscle power
  • The force length relationship and the strength curve
  • Intra-muscular and inter-muscular coordination
  • Muscle Hypertrophy
  • History dependence of muscle contraction (fatigue, potentiation)

Course #2: Athlete Intake, MSK and Movement Assessments

  • Sleep, nutrition, wellness and injury history assessments
  • Movement assessments
  • Assessing passive range of motion and motor control
  • Manual muscle strength testing techniques
  • Assessment of joint dissociation ability
  • Movement variability – conceptual framework to practice
  • The principles of the Quotidian Movement Assessment (QMA)
  • The principles of the Movement Competency Assessment (MCA)

Course #3: Neuromuscular Assessment and Assessing Strength Abilities

  • Physiological and biomechanical basis of strength abilities
  • Assessing vertical jump performance
  • Assessing the force-velocity relationship
  • Assessing eccentric deceleration ability
  • Assessing functional asymmetry
  • Assessing the strength curve
  • Neuromuscular testing after injury and assessing concentric/eccentric force asymmetries
  • Two online tutorials on strength assessments


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