Course 1: Assessing Asymmetries and Performance

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Let’s take a deep dive into the staring point for all training programs, the assessment. This course covers the science of muscle strength and power, movement assessments and how to use a dual force plate system to assess mechanical muscle function and asymmetries in the vertical jump. This type of assessment is becoming increasingly popular in professional sport organizations and elite training centres. This course will give coaches, sports medicine professionals and trainers everything they need to become more scientific in their assessments. We will use case studies to solidify the learning objectives along with online tutorial sessions.

We will discuss how to employ dual force plate systems to measure mechanical muscle function in the jumping human. We will focus on getting quality data, force-time analysis, asymmetry testing and evaluating strength and power abilities. We will also set a foundation by introducing key concepts in the science underpinning muscle strength and power, and an introduction to movement assessments.

The course is packed with written and video content that will be there for you to access after the course ends. You can work through the material at your own pace and there are no course requirements. This professional development course aims to give you a fast-track to using dual force plate systems to assess your athletes and gain performance insights.

In addition to the content, you get direct mentorship from Dr. Jordan. Not only do you receive cutting edge content but also we will work with you to make sure the knowledge gained transfers into a long-term benefit for your coaching career.


The science of muscle strength and power – learn the why behind the how

Assessing movement competencies, the quotidian movement assessment and assessing structural tolerance

A deep dive into using dual force plate systems to assess asymmetries, performance and monitor athletes

Online case studies to enhance learning outcomes

Advanced training and testing concepts

Work at your own pace

Private Facebook group to ask questions and leverage the Jordan Strength network

In-person online course wrap up with Dr. Matt Jordan


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