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Functional Asymmetry and Eccentric Deceleration Presentation

by Matt Jordan on May 14, 2016 No comments

Over the past four years I’ve been working hard to find new methods to detect deficits in athletes returning from injury.  Two particular areas of interest are assessing functional asymmetry and eccentric deceleration ability.  I’ve found functional asymmetry testing to be of great value for monitoring athletes throughout the return to sport training period.  However, I don’t think it is as simple as relying solely on what the eyes can see or simple between-limb strength tests like measuring single leg squat strength or single leg vertical jump height .  I look at functional asymmetry from a few different perspectives.  I have written about this in both lay and peer-reviewed articles.

In terms of assessing eccentric deceleration ability, we know that non-contact injuries often happen in the transitional zones when muscle work is performed through lengthening contractions to absorb external energy (i.e. during decelerating events).  In order to evaluate an athlete’s eccentric deceleration ability it is important to have few tools in your toolbox including those that use the power of visual observation and those that are determined objectively.

I have received a lot of requests in this area so I put a link below to a presentation I gave recently on this topic.

I’m also offering a weekend webinar on Saturday June 4th to discuss different approaches for evaluating functional asymmetry and eccentric deceleration ability.  Space is limited so please reserve yourself a spot soon if you are interested in learning more.


Matt JordanFunctional Asymmetry and Eccentric Deceleration Presentation

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