Learn How to Bridge Sport Performance and Sport Medicine

We have 20+ years helping athletes return to full performance after injury. We bridge the gap between sport medicine and sport performance, with science. Our expertise lies in blending evidence based assessments with high performance training methodology to help your athletes and clients get back to full performance after injury.

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Our courses bridge the gap between your clinical background and performance training. Our courses cover the Science of Muscle Strength and Power, Neuromuscular Assessment, Program Design & Periodization, and Eccentric Strength Training Methods.

Learn to Conduct Advanced Neuromuscular Testing

We can show you how to improve your ability to detect specific and trainable deficits in your clients coming back from injury. Learn how to implement functional asymmetry assessments with dual force plate systems, integrate EMG measurements into your assessments, and use high performance training methodology to maximize your athletes’ and clients’ recovery after injury.

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We provide in-person presentations and consultation to professional sport teams to help you measure and change the things that matter. Dr. Matt Jordan can help your team solve challenging Player Health & Performance problems, including helping your staff to synthesize data and develop periodized rehabilitation plans.