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Force Plate Muscle Mechanics & Neuromuscular Assessment Certification

Developed by world-renowned PhD-level sport scientists with over 25 years of experience in elite sports, our certification program is a cornerstone for professional sports teams, strength & conditioning coaches, and sports science experts worldwide. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance your expertise in designing and implementing advanced strength and conditioning programs for elite athletes.

What You Will Learn:

  • Unlock the Science of Strength and Power: Master the latest in muscle strength and power science through an advanced science-based curriculum.
  • Precision Assessments Made Practical: Learn to utilize force plates to assess muscle mechanics, monitoring everything from neuromuscular fatigue to peak performance.
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Sport: Acquire skills to effectively guide athletes from injury to full recovery and return to performance.
  • Learn to Interpret Muscle Mechanics and Asymmetries: Learn how to use a force plate to examine interlimb asymmetries to reduce injuries and augment rehabilitation
  • Integrate Expertise: Learn to integrate MSK assessments and movement evaluation to fine tune exercise prescription and programming.

This certification is more than just a course; it’s an investment in your career and a commitment to excellence in the field of sports performance training. Whether you’re working with up-and-coming talents or seasoned professionals, the knowledge and skills gained through this program will position you as a key contributor to their success and longevity in sports.

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