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We are leaders in the science of sport performance and sport injury and provide online digital education solutions for strength coaches, sport scientists and clinicians.

Developed by world leading human performance expert, Dr. Matt Jordan

Immersive and individualized online education for sport performance practitioners. Learn how to assess your athletes so you can program to change what matters.

Synthesize the data, maximize performance, and reduce injuries through athlete monitoring and assessment. Elevate your game and improve performance with proven methods to identify gaps and generate high impact solutions.

Bridge the gap between rehab and sports performance through advanced return to sport functional assessment and specialized strength and conditioning programming.

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Our expertise lies in digital education and knowledge transfer for sport scientists, strength coaches, fitness professionals, clinicians and sport organizations, advancing their ability to measure and monitor the things that matter.

Dr. Matt Jordan is a highly regarded speaker and educator with over 30 Olympic Medalists and professional sport organizations on his client list.

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