JSCEP System


Get lifetime access to the full JSCEP program. We provide a University Graduate Level education experience on the science and practice of sport performance training provided in an accessible format and with a practitioner’s lens. Our courses are frequently updated with new information. This is the most comprehensive sport performance training program available. Learn valuable skills that will set you apart from the rest.


  • Get all four JSCEP courses and save!
  • Lifetime access to content + take advantage of new content as our courses are updated frequently
  • Learn to apply the science of muscle strength and power to enhance sport performance
  • Build the baseline profile with movement competency and MSK assessments
  • Learn how to use dual force plate systems to evaluate mechanical muscle function including between-limb force-time asymmetries
  • Learn to think like a scientist and program in the R language
  • Develop your program design skills for hypertrophy, strength, power, RFD, eccentric training and energy systems
  • Learn how to periodize and plan with the Main Adaptation Cycle
  • Learn how to periodize and plan for return to sport training after injury


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