A complete high performance training system

Get lifetime access to four performance courses and mentorship opportunities. A complete sport science, sport performance, and sport injury online education program geared for practitioners who want to set themselves apart. 

working at the interface of the science and practice of performance training

We prepare sport performance and sport medicine practitioners working in professional and elite sport to use science to solve Player Health & Performance problems. Learn the science of muscle strength and power, how to assess mechanical muscle function with dual force plate systems, and program to change the things that matter.

“We will teach you to determine what matters, measure what matters and program to change what matters.”

About our courses

Course 1: The Science of Muscle Strength & Power, Testing with Dual Force Plates, Assessing Power and RFD.

Course 2: Program Design, Periodization, Return to Sport Training, and Energy Systems Development.

Course 3: Eccentric Training and Testing.

Course 4: Thinking Like a Scientist and an Introduction to Programming in R for Athlete Monitoring.

Course 5: Encoding Power – Practical Applications of Neuromuscular Profiling (In-Person Workshop).

JSCEP Level 3 Mentorship Program (Coming Soon)