Course 3: The Science of Eccentric Training


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Eccentric muscle actions have puzzled scientists and are known in performance-circles for their training potency. This course takes a deep dive into eccentric muscle actions, why eccentric training matters, how to evaluate eccentric strength capacities and eccentric movement abilities for performance and injury prevention, and provides training progressions along with case studies to solidify the learning concepts.You will get direct access to Dr. Matt Jordan throughout your course to help with questions and reflections.


  • Lifetime access to this course + take advantage of free course updates
  • Learn about the science of eccentric muscle actions and why they matter for sport performance and sport injury
  • Learn how to measures eccentric strength capacity including eccentric rate of force development (RFD)
  • Learn how to use dual force plate systems to identify eccentric strength deficits to build injury resilience
  • Learn Dr. Jordan’s top eccentric strength training progressions and how to train to maximize eccentric RFD


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