JSCEP Course 2: Program Design and Periodization

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About this Course

Welcome to Course 2 in the JSCEP system. We build off key concepts in Course 1 that focused on the Science of Muscle Strength and Power, Assessment and Building the Baseline Profile so that we can now go into an in depth discussion on program design.

We will discuss program design for maximal strength, power, rate of force development, eccentric strength, hypertrophy and energy systems using a flexible periodization model called the Main Adaptation Cycle. Finally, we will spend a whole Lesson talking about Return to Sport and Return to Performance training after injury.

This course is for strength & conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals, personal trainers and performance practitioners who want to uplift their knowledge with new skills. Learn how to translate your knowledge of muscle strength and power, exercise physiology, skill acquisition and sport performance into a cohesive training system.

Our focus throughout this course is context and serving the higher purpose. Our collective purpose is to help an athlete achieve their maximum performance potential, healthy and safe, and to bring the science behind our practice.

We will introduce principles of program design, link back to concepts covered in Course 1, and use case studies to solidify our learning objectives along the way.

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